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Benefits of Working with an Experienced Cannabis Insurance Agency

There are multiple benefits of working with an experienced cannabis insurance agency. Specialized agencies can help your business ensure that there are no exclusions or hidden items that will prevent a claim from being paid. Moreover, an experienced agent can guide you into the types of coverage that your specific business needs, and help avoid over insuring. The team at Cover Cannabis can answer any questions you may have and help show you why an experienced cannabis agent is the right choice.

Product-Related Accidents Claim More Than Cash

Do you have an extra $1 million in cash for legal defense? Nearly 34 million people are injured or killed from product related accidents every year, and drug-related product liability claims are on the rise.

Statewide Insurance Offers Different Approach to Medical Marijuana Business Insurance: 420 Drug War News Interview

Mike Aberle, Director of Statewide Insurance Services Medical Marijuana Specialty Division is featured on the Drug Truth Network’s 420 Drug War News, talking about a new approach to insurance services for the medical marijuana community.

Marijuana Infused Brownie Worth One Million Dollars

Potential for illness from edibles, medibles, topicals, beverages, etc increases a dispensary's liability. Is that pot brownie worth a million bucks?

$200,000 Medical Marijuana Insurance Claim Declined

Medical Marijuana Dispensary insurance claims could be declined due to not having the correct safe, per specified insurance underwriting guidelines. Why would anyone operate a business without the proper equipment?

Insuring Cannabis Crop Loss From Coast to Coast

MMD Insurance Services, pioneers a national marijuana insurance program, providing the only, nationally available, insurance coverage designed specifically for the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Business Insurance for Medical Marijuana Services

Statewide Insurance Services, Inc., Medical Marijuana Specialty Insurance Division specializes in finding insurance for businesses in the Medical Cannabis Industry. Statewide works with national “A” rated insurance carriers to develop programs specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry.

Increasing Legitimacy in Medical Cannabis Community

While dispensary operations do business under increasing public scrutiny, it’s still the dark ages when it comes to growers. And this impacts the industry as a whole.

Defining Cooperatives and Collectives

It seems there is some gray area, in California at least, for the definition of "Collectives" or "Cooperatives" in regards to operation of Medical Cannabis dispensary operations.

Medical Marijuana Insurance Specialist Offers Pot Raid Coverage

MMD Insurance Services safeguards cannabis business operations by insuring facilities for losses from interference of state and local authorities.

A Guide to Marijuana Laws in the United States
Medical cannabis guidelines are hazy, at best, and often times downright confusing. What's legal or illegal? What's a misdemeanor? How much can a patient carry? How many plants can a medical marijuana patient grow?
New Insurance Coverage Options Address Cannabis Business Gray Areas

MMD Insurance Services addresses adequacy of insurance coverage for the Cannabis Community, designing solutions and implementing coverages designed to protect cannabis businesses owners from denied claims.

One Stop Medical Marijuana Insurance Solution
MMD Insurance Services, the first insurance provider to offer comprehensive coverage for agencies catering to Cannabis and Hemp Industries, continues with list of cannabis industry firsts.