MMD Insurance Services specializes in insuring growers, cultivators, manufacturers and retailers nationwide. MMD provides quality commercial insurance for cannabis growers, dispensary operators, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

MMD Insurance Services leads the way in setting underwriting standards for the Cannabis industry, starting with the earliest days of medical cannabis use and distribution in California. With insurance licenses in every state permitting dispensaries, collectives, cooperatives, manufacturing or retail sales, MMD Insurance Specialists are committed to providing the best quality insurance coverage at extremely competitive rates for commercial cannabis operations.

Endorsed by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis, the MMD Insurance Services works with top-rated national insurance carriers to meet the specific and changing needs of the marijuana industry.

The MMD Specialty Division has committed considerable time and resources to understand and meet the changing needs of marijuana dispensary, retail and cultivation operations.

More information on MMD Insurance Services and specific marijuana insurance answers are available by contacting MMD Insurance Services. Contact Marijuana Insurance Professionals via telephone (916) 503-4808 or through the MMD Insurance Contact form.
Medical marijuana businesses can also contact MMD for fast, free, confidential marijuana insurance quotes.