Business Insurance for Medical Marijuana Services

Statewide Insurance Services, Inc., Medical Marijuana Specialty Insurance Division specializes in finding insurance for businesses in the Medical Cannabis Industry. Statewide works with national “A” rated insurance carriers to develop programs specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry.

From dispensaries, collectives and delivery operations, to cultivators and other service providers, Statewide works to represent the specific interests of businesses involved in this ever-evolving industry, from the perspective of the industry. Statewide is here to serve the needs of the industry and community. To best accomplish this, Statewide needs the input of those involved in the industry.

As needs, legislation and laws change, we will continue to offer more and improved coverages, but only with the assistance of businesses in the industry. In close cooperation with national “A” rated carriers and a range of medical cannabis organizations, Statewide has developed a superior array of programs specifically suited to the MMD industry. Involvement in MMD specialty programs requires evidence of a particular interest and commitment to the industry, Statewide has established this commitment.

As an insurance broker specializing in the Medical Cannabis market, we address prevalent concerns of privacy while providing businesses with the best coverage available through carriers familiar with your specific needs.

Statewide currently offers coverages for the following:
Medical Marijuana Collectives, Cooperatives and Dispensaries

Business Insurance Coverage:

  • General Liability
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Business Property
  • Loss of Income
  • Money and Securities
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Glass Coverage
  • Better and Improvements Building Coverage
  • Computer Equipment

Finished Stock/Marijuana:

  • Fire/Theft/Vandalism
  • Transportation and Transit

Medical Cannabis Delivery Services

    Business Auto Coverage:
  • Limits $15/30 to $1 Million - CSL
  • In-transit/Cargo
  • $100-$10,000 Product/Money
  • Hired and Non-Owned
  • Workers Compensation
  • Finished Stock/Marijuana
  • Employee Dishonesty

Statewide Insurance Services is committed to the success of the medical cannabis industry! We have the expertise and desire to offer the best insurance products currently available to suit the needs of the cannabis community.
We do, however, need to know what businesses require to better represent the interests of the community, from the perspective of the community.
If we see a need, we can fill it, but we need business owners, collective operators and others to help us do this. Your input and insight is invaluable.

As the head of our MMD specialty unit, Mike Aberle personally monitor the proprietary concerns of each account. He strives to continually enhance the program offerings, to improve coverages and to offer better pricing.

If, at any time, new needs or questions arise regarding medical marijuana business insurance coverage, do not hesitate to contact Mike Aberle and Statewide Insurance Services.