A Guide to Marijuana Laws in the United States

Medical cannabis guidelines are hazy, at best, and often times downright confusing. What's legal or illegal? What's a misdemeanor? How much can a patient carry? How many plants can a medical marijuana patient grow? The answers to these medical cannabis and many others very from state to state, and patients, caregivers, cultivators, dispensary operators and others involved in the cannabis industry are left to interpret guidelines which, for even the most experienced legal minds, there are numerous interpretations and opinions. While the details aren't definitive, MMD Insurance Specialists has made an effort to summarize the marijuana guidelines in the states permitting the use of marijuana for medical use. The laws are constantly changing, as is the industry, so interested parties should contact their local or state legislators for definitive details, but here's a start, outlining the legislation, history and considerations underlying marijuana policy in these states.