Hawaii governor Ben Cayetano signed Senate Bill 862 into law on June 14, 2000, permitting the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Under the law, qualified patients may cultivate up to 3 mature marijuana plants, 4 immature plants and one ounce of usable marijuana per mature plant. Hawaii does not authorize any person to sell, dispense or otherwise distribute marijuana, other than from primary caregivers to their qualifying patients. The Hawaii Department of Health will issue a medical marijuana registration card to patients suffering from cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and other medical conditions that produce cachexia, severe pain or nausea, muscle spasms or seizures. Other conditions are subject to approval by the Hawaii Department of Health. Unregistered persons possessing less than one pound of marijuana may be charged as misdemeanor offenders, but possession of over one pound is considered a felony. Marijuana found in a vehicle results in all occupants being charged with possession. Hawaii offers leniency to first time offenders and often commutes the sentence to probation. After successfully completing probation, the offender’s criminal record does not reflect the charge. HAWAII POLICE DEPARTMENT RULES AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING INVESTIGATIONS INVOLVING THE MEDICAL AND RELIGIOUS USE OF MARIJUANA