Insuring Cannabis Crop Loss From Coast to Coast

MMD Insurance Services, pioneers a national marijuana insurance program, providing the only, nationally available, insurance coverage designed specifically for the burgeoning cannabis industry. Revolutionizing the medical marijuana industry with its nationwide program covering growers and their products, MMD Insurance Services has been recognized by industry leaders across the country for innovative insurance programs and a commitment to the future of cannabis in the U.S.

The new insurance program has captured the attention of medical marijuana growers and other professionals in the field of cannabis cultivation. Dr. John Oram, Deputy Director of Collective Wellness of California, says, "Our mission is to provide quality assurance and safety protocols in the area of cannabis research and testing. MMD Insurance provides our team a valuable resource in our efforts to create necessary standards for the cannabis industry."

Members of the medical cannabis community, from growers and distributors to dispensary operators and advocacy groups can now protect themselves against the risk of loss, including theft of live plant material.

Michael Aberle, National Director of MMD Insurance Services, has worked with professional growers and city officials to craft exclusive insurance offerings that bring new legitimacy to the cultivation process. "There is a synergy building in the cannabis industry today,” says Aberle. “MMD Insurance is fully prepared to lead the way to a successful cannabis future."

MMD Insurance Services is committed to providing the best quality insurance coverage at extremely competitive rates for commercial growers, cultivators and other services associated with the production and distribution of medical cannabis.