Maine removed the state criminal penalties for the use, possession or cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes in 1999. Patients who possess a written or oral recommendation from their physician to use marijuana medicinally are protected. Though Maine holds a voluntary registration, the State Department of Health and Human Services issues ID cards to those patients authorized to grow their own medical marijuana. Registered patients, or their primary caregivers, may possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana and grow up to six marijuana plants, three mature and three immature.

Those suffering from medical conditions causing nausea, muscle spasms, seizures, chronic and severe pain or cachexia may apply for a medical marijuana use permit. Maine law enforcement officials will also accept other states’ medical marijuana authorizations, but the patient must register in Maine before purchasing medicinal marijuana. Registration requires the patient possess a Main drivers’ license or other picture ID and consult with a physician licensed in Maine. A letter from the patient’s original prescribing doctor will be accepted for the purchase of marijuana for 30 days.

Non-registered marijuana users face civil violations for possessing less than 2.5 ounces of marijuana and a fine of up to $600. Possessing any amount over 2.5 ounces presumes the offender intended to sell, which carries a misdemeanor charge. Selling more than one pound of marijuana is prosecuted as a felony charge.