Marijuana Infused Brownie Worth One Million Dollars

Potential for illness from edibles, medibles, topicals, beverages, etc increases a dispensary's liability. Is that pot brownie worth a million bucks?

Years ago, before California enacted medical cannabis laws, it seemed anyone could bake pot brownies in a studio apartment kitchen. The days of the gritty, resin-flavored brownie are fading as formally trained chefs, many of whom have studied at internationally renowned institutions, are entering the cannabis marketplace. These "Canna Chefs" are creating new, gourmet cannabis-infused edibles such as pasta sauces, chocolates, sodas, and beers.

After perfecting their recipes, Canna Chefs move their products into the public market through dispensaries and co-operatives. In order to meet commercial consumption standards, however, products packaged, labeled and sold to the public need to meet safety standards for quality control, and more importantly, for safety. New enterprises require new regulations, and Statewide's MMD Insurance unit is moving the industry forward to bring regulations, safety standards and protection to an emerging market.

Fact, manufacturers are responsible for the products they produce. A waiver of subrogation from a retailer does not exempt a manufacturer from product liability.

Consider the following example. A medical cannabis patient is rushed to the ER after ingesting a brownie purchased from a local dispensary. With no serious injuries, the patient is released the next day. However, after talking with friends and family about the experience, he decides to file suit against the manufacturer of the brownie and the local dispensary who sold it. Such a case could put both the manufacturer and dispenser under serious financial duress.

Protect yourself and your business by enlisting the help of an experienced company that specializes in product liability coverage for the medical marijuana industry. Premiums start as low as $750 for coverage limits of $1 million with no exclusion to health hazard. This is a specialized coverage that most other agencies cannot offer. Complete the MMD Insurance online application and get a quote within 48 hours to start protecting your future.