Nevada joined the list of states authorizing the use of medical marijuana in 2000. The state requires patients who have a physician’s recommendation to register with the Department of Motor Vehicles, which then issues identification cards to qualifying patients. The fee to register varies between $165-$192, the highest in the nation. A provision of the amended law also requires the Nevada School of Medicine to aggressively seek permission from the Federal government to establish a state-run medical marijuana distribution program, though the Federal government still considers the cultivation, use and sale of any marijuana to be illegal.

Registered patients suffering from AIDS, cancer or any medical condition that produces seizures, severe nausea or pain, muscle spasms or cachexia may legally possess up to one ounce of usable marijuana, three mature marijuana plants and four immature plants. Primary caregivers, those authorized by the state to produce medical marijuana for registered patient use, must also follow the same guidelines. Unfortunately, the state-run Nevada Medical Marijuana Project does not offer further information to their patients about the growing process or other sources for obtaining medical marijuana.

Unauthorized persons possessing less than one ounce of marijuana face a misdemeanor charge for those over 21 or a Class E felony for persons under 21. The sale or cultivation for any amount of marijuana is considered a felony and carries a minimum $20,000 fine and imprisonment. Nevada has enacted a drugged driving law, prohibiting drivers from operating a motor vehicle while under the detectable influence of any drug, and a tax stamp law that allows the state to tax the sale of medical marijuana.