Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s Medical Marijuana Program was originally vetoed by the Governor in June 2009. In the same legislation session, however, the House and Senate overrode the Governor’s veto, approving the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Currently, the new law allows for the creation of compassion centers that may possess, cultivate, manufacture, deliver and dispense marijuana to registered qualifying patients and their registered caregivers.

Patients who wish to be considered for medical marijuana use must submit a $75 application fee to the Rhode Island Department of Health and register with the states marijuana registry. Only those suffering from approved conditions, such as cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, hepatitis C or other chronic and debilitating disease will be considered. Any other medical condition and its treatment is subject to approval by the state’s Department of Health. Rhode Island will accept medical marijuana registry identification cards from other states and the District of Columbia but only for conditions approved in Rhode Island.

Upon approval, patients may possess up to 2.5 ounces of cultivated marijuana and up to 12 marijuana plants. Primary caregivers may cultivate up to 24 marijuana plants and possess up to 5 ounces of usable marijuana for patients to whom the caregiver is responsible for on the state’s medical marijuana registry. Unauthorized possession of less than 1 kilogram of marijuana is a misdemeanor offense, and possessing any amount over 1 kilogram is a felony. Illegally selling or cultivating marijuana in any quantity is also a felony.