Statewide Insurance Offers Different Approach to Medical Marijuana Business Insurance: 420 Drug War News Interview

Mike Aberle, Director of Statewide Insurance Services Medical Marijuana Specialty Division is featured on the Drug Truth Network’s 420 Drug War News, talking about a new approach to insurance services for the medical marijuana community.

During a brief audio interview, Mike was asked to summary Statewide Insurance Services product offerings specifically designed to meet the current and changing needs of the medical cannabis community. Mike began his discussion with the philosophy set forth several years ago when Statewide realized there was a pressing need for comprehensive business insurance coverage for medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, cooperatives and growers. This “different approach” as Aberle calls it, works to educate growers, dispensary operators and insurance carriers of the needs and changes in the cannabis industry.

Through the efforts of Statewide Insurance Services, the face of the medical marijuana community has been changed, and legitimacy continues to increase. Aberle and Statewide Insurance began, according to the interview, enhancements to cannabis coverages for dispensaries, including equipment coverage and employee dishonesty coverage.

The big changes in the medical marijuana industry, according to Aberle, are in the marijuana growers program. Aberle noted trends with growers and with dispensaries beginning their own cultivation programs and decided, unequivocally, that this area of the cannabis industry needed some changes, that this end of the business, the pot production, needed some insurance focus. Statewide Insurance Services, Inc., began offering insurance coverage for marijuana growers in December of 2009, with considerable success.

Statewide Insurance, the interview continues, has even started providing insurance for special marijuana-related events, providing the first ever insurance coverage for a “smokable” event, the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. This smokable event, where qualified patients could medicate on site, was such a huge success – with the help of this special event insurance – that event promoters hope to return to the area in September of 2010.
Other issues, according to Aberle’s summary, involved workers compensation insurance for bud tenders and growers in the medical cannabis industry. As of early 2010, Statewide Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for growers including coverage for bud tenders and other employees involved in the cultivation, distribution, handling and preparation of medical marijuana.

With continued coverage, including operations and health hazard coverages, marijuana dispensaries, cultivators and other medical cannabis providers can operate their businesses with increasing legitimacy, protection and peace of mind. To further advance coverage, health hazard coverage may even protect medical marijuana patients who chance to fall ill as a result of consuming a product produced by insured growers.

Listen to the full recording of the 420 Drug News interview with Mike Aberle of Statewide Insurance Services.

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